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The Chakana Oracle Guidebook is a reference guide rich with new perspectives on the Andean cosmology and the indigenous Andean Lineage, whose roots go back over 500 years to the Inka Empire. It also serves as a companion to The Chakana Oracle Card Deck. It includes:

In-depth information with full-color illustrations of Andean cosmology and symbology.

Layouts for divination work with a foundation that is based on the geography of the terrestrial overlaid with the energy of the celestial.

Description, interpretation, and practice for each of the 100 oracle cards. 

This guidebook is available in both the printed version (p-book) and the electronic version (e-book).


ISBN#:  Paper: 978-0-9862498-2-2
Electronic: 978-0-9862498-3-9

292 pages; 32,600 words; 250 full color illustrations

Printed Version is 6” (w) x 9” (h) (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Trade Paperback



Divination & Card Layouts

Antisuyu (Northeast) Suit: P'acha Q'epe (Woven Textiles)
To Be (Green) - 28 Cards

Qollasuyu (Southeast) Suit: Khuyakuna (Sacred Stones)
To Emerge (White) - 19 Cards

Kuntisuyu (Southwest) Suit: Rikchaykuna (Carved Images)
To Vision (Yellow) - 18 Cards

Chinchaysuyu (Northwest) Suit: Ruruchina (Energy Companions)
To Master (Red) - 29 Cards


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The Chakana Oracle Card Deck is designed to create a connection from the user to the voices of the indigenous Andean Lineage, whose roots go back over 500 years to the Inka Empire. Each card includes a photograph of an energetic companion from the Andean cultural tradition as well as its name in the native language of Quechua and English. Energetic companions are aids that help the user activate, animate, and move energy within different grids of time, dimensions, and portals. These cards are printed on linen card stock to represent the texture of woven cloth that is so vital to the Andean culture. 


ISBN#: 978-0-9862498-4-6

# Cards: 101

Size3.5” (w) x 5” (h) (8.89 x 12.7 cm)


Companion Book Just Released

The Chumpi Stone Guidebook:
Carved Companions from the Andes

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Free Template Downloads


Chakanasuyu: Personal POV

Chakanasuyu: Lineage POV

Divination Journal

Layout Template: Single Card Inquiry

Layout Template: Complimentary Pair of Above & Below Inquiry

Layout Template: Complimentary Pair of Energetic Vibrations Inquiry

Layout Template: Complimentary Pair of Right & Left Inquiry

Layout Template: Complimentary Pair of Masculine & Feminine Inquiry

Layout Template: Complimentary Pair of Energetic Relationship Inquiry

Layout Template: 3 Shamanic Worlds Inquiry

Layout Template: 3 Card Timeline Inquiry

Layout Template: 3 Card Ayni Service Inquiry

Layout Template: 3 Card Andean Principles Inquiry

Layout Template: 4 Card Tawantinsuyu Inquiry

Layout Template: 5 Card Inka Wisdom Inquiry

Layout Template: 5 Card Elements Inquiry
Four Winds Version

Layout Template: 5 Card Elements Inquiry
Pagan Version

Layout Template: 5 Card Cardinal Directions Inquiry

Layout Template: 12 Month Inquiry
Northern Hemisphere

Layout Template: 12 Month Inquiry
Southern Hemisphere

Bonus Layout Template: 12 Astrological Houses Inquiry

Practice Worksheet: Tawa K'uchi Chumpi

Practice Worksheet: Soqta K'uchi Chumpi

Practice Worksheet: Chacra

Practice Worksheet: Qhapaq Ñan

Bonus Andean Folded Fortune Finder

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Drake Bear Stephen

Drake is a Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, NLP practitioner, and a Reiki Master. Drake has a variety of background experiences that includes a 37-year career in telecommunications and a B.A. from Antioch University in art and psychology. Drake’s introduction to shamanism began over 18 years ago with an interest in Two Spirits because they identifies as pan-gendered. Their preferred pronouns are the singular they, their, and them.

Drake specializes in past life therapy and has a private practice that focuses on energy medicine and self-empowerment. Drake also teaches workshops on gender and sexual identity, the Afterlife, and other topics of transpersonal metaphysics. Drake is also a photographer, illustrator, and artist that produces their own websites and advertising materials.

Drake is the author and illustrator of Soul Sex: The Alchemy of Gender and Sexuality, The Chumpi Stone Guidebook, The Gender Oracle Guidebook & Card Deck (forthcoming), and Wisdom To Die For, (forthcoming) as well as co-author of The Chakana Oracle Guidebook & Card Deck. In addition, Drake is also a contributor to TRANScestors: Navigating LGBTQ+ Aging, Illness, and End of Life Decisions Volume 2.


Robert Wakeley Wheeler


Wake is a counselor, convener, teacher, and group facilitator. He is a student of the Andean Traditions, especially as they are embodied in the Mesa, the Sacred Andean Bundle.

Wake graduated from Stanford University in 1973 with a BA in history and political science. He received his Juris Doctor law degree in 1976 from Northwestern University School of Law. He practiced in the estate planning field. Wake took a sabbatical from that practice in 1999 and traveled to Peru with his family. There he met shamans, engaged in ceremony, received transmissions, and never looked back. He traveled there, on solo quests and as a facilitator, for the next two decades. He’s been sharing his experiences and knowledge through mentoring, classes, gatherings, and journeys throughout this time.

Wake returned to Cusco in October, 2019, to celebrate a 20 year immersion in the Andean Ways. He has been particularly drawn by the synergy of cloth and stone. With the special blessings of don Francisco and dona Juanita, Wake continues his exploration of mesa stewardship and energy dynamics held within these sacred threads.



The Chakana Oracle Guidebook, Chakana Oracle Cards, and The Chumpi Stone Guidebook are published by Wisdom Weaver Press. 

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The Chakana Oracle Card Deck:
101 Cards

Available at

 The Chakana Oracle Guidebook: Ancient Wisdom for the 21st Century

Available in printed form or as an ebook.

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Chakanasuyu Woven Cloth

A hand-dyed Andean cloth that can be used for decoration, divination, and organization of your personal and mesa cosmology. It is woven by weavers from the Center for Traditional Textiles in Pitumarca, a rural weaving community. Available in two sizes: 17″ x 18″ (43.18 x 45.72 cm) and 13″ x 14″ (33.02 x 35.56 cm).

Chakanasuyu Bandana

A printed cotton cloth that can be used for decoration, divination, and organization of your personal and mesa cosmology. It is printed in the United States. Available in one size: 17″ x 18″ (43.18 x 45.72 cm).

Miscellaneous Items

The Sacred Pathways Marketplace offers additional items from the Andean culture, such as dice, chumpi stones, watanas, textiles, and jewelry.



Watch Dr. Sharon Martin interview Wake about Andean cosmology and The Chakana Oracle on YouTube:




[Note: Permission to reprint a quote is provided as long as the source is cited as "The Chakana Oracle Guidebook" by Drake Bear Stephen and Robert Wakeley Wheeler. Any other use is prohibited under the copyright laws.]

“The Chakana Oracle is a vehicle designed to help you explore the depth and breadth of who you are, who you are connected to, and what you’re capable of achieving. It also presents ways to find and then engage your own energy companions. So, journey, sing, reweave the stories, and activate your living energy.”

“In many ancient cultures divination was used to determine if an action taken would be favorable. In ancient Greece, an oracle was a seer who was the intermediary between the people and the gods and goddesses. In The Chakana Oracle, the cards themselves play the role of the ancient oracle, connecting users to the ancient Andean lineage.”

“Each of our souls holds inner knowledge from the first inhabitants of this planet to the modern world. This guidebook is rich in the lore of the indigenous people of the Andes. It presents the traditional language, practices, symbology, and cosmology of the Inka Spiritual Lineage and shows how this wisdom can be transformed for use by you in the 21st century.”

“Everything in our Universe is a part of an energetic grid and so all elements within our world are our Energy Companions. Our Energy Companions help us activate, animate, and move energy within this grid. In addition, they can help us navigate to other dimensions, times, and places.”

“Just as working directly with textiles, natural items, sacred places, and medicine bundles are useful vehicles to rekindle connections to the earth and to the cosmos, it is hoped that working with The Chakana Oracle will also serve to promote connection. Over time, with dedication and awareness, we can each rekindle and remember our own personal cosmology and reconnect to our indigenous soul. In doing so, we are engaging ayni, a sacred reciprocity of both receiving and giving back to the energetic universe, known as the Kawsaypacha.”

’Kawsay’ in Quechua means ‘living energy.’ The Inkas, the Energy Masters of the Andes, believe we are immersed in and permeated by great fields of activated energy called the Kawsaypacha (Living Energy World). These interlacing invisible Fields of Luminosity include our own moving and shining vibrations.”

“The soul, when not incarnated, is a being of light, love, and energy. It is without a physical body. It is pancultural and pangendered. Spirituality has no dogma other than the knowledge of oneness with Source and all energy. Therefore religious, racial, gender, and sexual identities are constructs of human incarnation. This variety of identities are created for the sole purpose of learning. Older souls usually bring this awareness to their physical incarnations.”

"The identity of the indigenous soul is not only a state of mind but a place of heart. Every individual has genetic memories of tribal ancestry. But many of us have become separated from our indigenousness. Our survival on earth now depends on re-indigenizing ourselves. We must acknowledge the circle of life by reconnecting to the land, to community, and to our ancestors. As we do, our awakening souls will be hungry for spirituality and ceremony. So through cultural affirmation and exchange, let us begin building an eco-centric global tribe."  


The only word I can find to fit this book = Wow!! ...the book itself is a fantastic resource. I really think it’s going to become a “standard” in the field. The text is beautifully written, carefully edited. The “readings” and “practices” are particularly good and well thought-out  ̶  obviously from your and Wake’s personal experience. The artwork is awesome. And the overall “production values” for this volume are first-class. You and Wake have every right to be immensely proud of this book. Congratulations!  ̶ Jim Folliard

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